Pamela Necklace 9001

$54.95 $54.95

  • 22-inch 3-millimeter cording
  • 2 inches hanging pendant
  • Wooden Beads
  • 1-inch leather covered Concho
  • Dome rivets
  • Leather back
  • Edge finished


For the pragmatic businesswoman who values practicality, this Pamela necklace was designed and made specifically for you. Each element is carefully scrutinized to make sure they reflect the belief you embody. This is made with a lot of attention to detail, precise handy work, and love of art.

The wooden beads provide an earthy touch, which is then perfectly complemented by the 100% pure leather used in the bags of the Pamela Collection. The color of the wood is more than enough to give this necklace a calming vibe, while the teal color of the Concho pendant offers just the right splash of color. This Pamela necklace is made with the same care and technique as the bags, so you are guaranteed a high-quality piece of accessory.

Being pragmatic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury and elegance. In the workplace, style matters and if you’re a busy businesswoman, you’d want to look great wherever you go. Let this necklace make the style statement for you, so you’ll look effortlessly fabulous in all your business and client meetings. Show off your unique style with this eye-catching, original, and one-of-a-kind accessory!

Complement your statement necklace with the Pamela Cross-Body/Clutch Bag and be prepared for the compliments headed your way!


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