One Pocket Necklace 1300

$64.95 $64.95

  • 22.25-inch 3-millimeter black cording
  • 3.5 inch hanging pendant
  • 1.5-inch O-ring
  • 1.5-inch d-ring
  • Leather inserts backed w/ leather
  • Edge finished


Looking for something that will make your outfit stand out? If so, the One Pocket Necklace is the perfect accessory for you!

Just like the limited-edition bags in the One Pocket Hobo collection, this necklace features a classic and streamlined design. The bold geometric shape and fun-patterned leather inserts provide a wonderful eye-catching contrast.

The One Pocket Necklace can elevate your style even if you’re wearing your usual casual or office outfits. Black cording and titanium rings were used so that the necklace will match whatever you have in your closet. It’s also a great accessory for transitioning your outfit from day to night. There’s no need to hurry back home to change clothes after work. Just wear the One Pocket Necklace, and you’re all set for your next destination!

As an artisan product, the necklace exudes high quality. It has smooth finished edges to ensure that the necklace won’t snag on your clothes or rough up your skin. The leather inserts are also backed with additional leather, so it’s sturdy enough for everyday use.

If you like this necklace, don’t forget to check out the hobo bags in the One Pocket Collection here. They’re fun and functional, making it suitable for your everyday needs!


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