Melika Necklace 1100

$56.95 $56.95

  • 20.5-inch 3-millimeter black cording
  • 5.5 inch hanging pendant
  • 1.5 O-ring
  • Hanging tassel
  • Assorted beads


A fun and quirky piece to add more sass to your outfit. Inspired by the same eccentric vibes from the Melika collection, this long necklace features a metal ring in the middle that is accented with an unassuming leather tassel. This allows you to showcase your boho taste while exuding a charming and fun look. No matter what time of the day, this long pendant necklace will make heads turn and make you the center of attention.

You can wear this handmade necklace as the statement piece in your outfit for the day. Its black cording will look great with either a casual T-shirt, a flirty off-shoulder top, or on a button-down shirt during the day. At night, you can wear this necklace to draw the attention on your beautiful neck while wearing strapless evening wear during formal occasions. You may even use it to accessorize a bikini top when you’re by the pool or at the beach.

Creating a bold fashion statement can be as easy as wearing this long tassel necklace. People will immediately notice your exciting and fun-loving aura wherever you go.

Whether you plan to wear this necklace during a relaxing trip at the park or a special dinner by the beach, you can match this with the Melika tote bag from Dragonfly & Co. 


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