The Power of Achieving Timeless Style — 4 Steps 

to Cultivate a Classic Look 


Glamourous, composed, elegant, collected. These are words that come to mind when describing a timeless style. It’s a sought-after goal for fashionistas but is often thwarted by the pressing temptation to keep up with trends. Fortunately, achieving a timeless style isn’t as hard as it may seem. Following the right steps can lead someone to create a more defined and put-together wardrobe that emanates the beauty of timeless style.

The Definition and Benefits of Embracing a Timeless Style

A timeless style focuses on the elegance and beauty of simple and functional pieces and ignores the lure of fleeting trends. These fashions are just as coveted and admired now as they will be in ten or even twenty years. While it’s easy to get caught up in the current season of must-have trends in the world of fashion, shifting the goal to achieving timeless style benefits not only someone’s appearance but the earth as well.

1. Avoid Trends and Focus on Classic Pieces

Fast fashion (clothing and accessories that are massed produced under harsh conditions oversees) has taken on our environment. These pieces are made following the latest trends but are often cheap and don’t last more than a few months. Also, the conditions in which these sorts of pieces are made are often dangerous and pay a livable wage. Because of this, fashion that is locally sourced or ethically made will always be in vogue.

Focusing on well-made pieces that will last, both in durability and in relevancy, not only keeps someone looking great, but helps make the world a better place as well.

2. Develop a Personal Style

Play with patterns, color schemes, and textures to add a personal touch to your wardrobe. Think about the meanings behind each choice and how they will be portrayed by the world. Each color has significance and meaning, and this can be used to collect pieces to represent feelings, thoughts, and passions. For example, blue represents the water and the ocean. This concept could be pushed further if the garment consisted of fluid curved lines the symbolize the feeling of moving water—an excellent choice for someone who sees themselves as calm, eternally changing and growing, and deep.

There are endless ways to incorporate personal meaning into timeless style. By keeping an eye out for ethically sourced articles of clothing and accessories that combine individual personalities and flair.

3. Curate & Cultivate a Collection

It’s easy to get carried away when shopping, buying every eye-catching piece of clothing. Sometimes though, this can lead to a chaotic wardrobe where it’s difficult to come up with cohesive and timeless looks. Instead, it’s better to shop with an entire wardrobe in mind. This allows for a curated collection that can easily make up different outfits that look fabulous and well put together.

An option for doing this is creating a capsule wardrobe. This is especially useful for those that want a smaller, easily manageable closet. Instead of having many pieces of clothing, a capsule wardrobe consists of a few versatile pieces.

4. Add Emotions to the Mix

So, what is the best accessory to achieve a timeless sense of fashion? A smile! A positive attitude and overall disposition towards the world are the most flattering of “outfits” on anyone. People will always remember how you made them feel, so why not make a lasting impression through kindness? Fads will come and go, but making people feel good and happy about themselves is a fashion that will last forever.

While someone can look great in any type of attire, to truly achieve a timeless style, it’s essential to understand charm. Good manners and compassion are crucial to achieving elegance. Someone can have the most beautiful outfit in the room, but it won’t shine if it’s accompanied by a mean attitude. Instead, focus on being a good listening, treating people with care, and radiating inner beauty to top off that timeless look.

The Pamela Collection – A Timeless Look

While all of Dragonfly and Co.’s handbags strive for a timeless look, the pieces within the Pamela Collection were explicitly designed with the modern working women in mind. Each handbag is created by combining neutral leathers with a vibrant color block pattern. Who said timeless style had to be boring? The Pamela bags prove that a piece can become a sophisticated everyday wardrobe staple, all while remaining colorful and fun in spirit.

For someone in need of a timeless and ethically-made addition to their wardrobe, look no further than the line of beautifully made Pamela Collection handbags through the Dragonfly and Co. website.



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Wearable Art: The Perfect Choice of Fashion for Women with a Voice


The handbags available through Dragonfly and Co. all have a unique and interesting story. When you purchase a Dragonfly and Co. handbag, you are not just buying another addition to your existing wardrobe, but an original piece of wearable art. Though each style of bag available through Dragonfly and Co. may reflect a different aesthetic or personal style, all represent the importance of women’s empowerment and the importance of standing out and being heard.

Fashion is so much more than taking pride in what you wear, it’s a form of self-expression, a way to share someone’s inner personality with the outside world. In a time where there are endless wardrobe choices, it can be overwhelming to navigate through pieces that best represent you. What someone must consider is not only the appearance of the item of clothing or handbag but the story behind it as well.

Dragonfly and Co. – Wearable Art with a Story

Choose a handbag that offers more than a unique style, but an authentic and extraordinary story as well. The bags very much reflect the life and experiences of the designer and creator, Loretta Gradek, from the meticulous work she has done in the fashion, action sports and medical industry through her fine detail to capturing the whimsical essence of her beloved daughter in the Melika collection. This is what separates her work from ordinary handbags.

Handbags with Complementary Style

Fashion can tell so much about a person, from their personality to their likes and dislikes. Here is a mini-guide to the handbags available through Dragonfly and Co. and the personalities they portray.

The Melika Collection

Fun. Bold. Sassy. The Melika collection is for the woman who is going places in the world. She always chooses adventure, yet treads lightly on the earth. She’s grounded, in control, and lives for a challenge. You’ll find her at the farmers market on weekend mornings, and dancing throughout the night.

The Acacia Collection

You go to her for fashion advice, and she always delivers. When she enters a room, all eyes are on her, and she responds with poise and a warm smile. She’s sweet, charming, and elusive, and you never know what she will be up to next. She prefers fashion that serves a purpose, and her collection is full of well-curated timeless pieces that will last her years to come.

The Pamela Collection

She’s a force within her industry, and she always looks the part. Strong, grounded, with an aura elegance that can’t be ignored. When she speaks, people listen, and they love what she has to say. She’s going to change the world for the better, and everyone knows it.

The Hobo Collection

From arthouse films to the latest gallery openings, she knows what’s up.  She’s a creative genius and thrives in the world of art and expression. She attracts a crowd, has a hearty laugh, and knows all the best places for a great cup of coffee.

Your Personal Statement

It’s fun to give each collection of handbags at Dragonfly and Co. their own voice and outlook on life, but the truth is that it’s the person who wears it that brings life into the look. Dragonfly and Co. aims to create pieces that inspire inner confidence—and remind their wearers that they have a voice.

These bags are for women who value stories, who want an original creation rather than the “next best thing” on the market. They want a timeless piece of wearable art that will inspire and reflect their unique personalities. They want to stand out for what they are, a strong and capable woman, ready to take on the world.

Ready to showcase your personal style and voice in your wardrobe? Check out the various collections at Dragonfly and Co. to find the piece that resonates most with you.



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The Return of the Hobo Bag – When Function Meets Fashion


Trends come and go. But, when a trend reemerges, again and again, it’s likely to become a timeless staple. The hobo bag is one of these trends, but with its latest reentry into the world of fashion, it has a more sleek and classic appearance. Is it here to stay?

Simplicity and Utility: Why These Bags are Perfect for Every Wardrobe

The Design of the Hobo Bag

It’s simple with a textured appearance due to its slouchy, unstructured design, and lose (usually thick) shoulder strap — this is the essence of a hobo bag. They were highly popular during the flowery bohemian trend of the early 2000’s coming in elaborate and intricate patterns and color schemes. Now, the hobo bag is making a reappearance, although now with a more timeless look. These bags can be found in an array of neutrals, sometimes accented with gold or silver rings within the straps. The minimal nature of the bags makes them a great addition to a variety of styles.

The Function of the Hobo Bag

While the appearance of these bags is no doubt beautiful, it’s their functionality that really makes them shine. After a time where micro purses ruled, it’s great to have a bag that can hold the belongings of working women, which may be more than just a cellphone. A bag that serves a purpose – to help carry belongings of everyday life will always come out on top.

Hobo bags often consist of one large zipped pouch, and usually a smaller zipped pouch inside. Getting items in and out of them is easy, as the opening is often uncovered by flaps and easily accessible. Its design proves that simplicity will always rule over complex frills.

The History of the Hobo Bag

The hobo bag has made its way in and out of the fashion spotlight for decades, but with its latest reentry into the wardrobes of trendsetters, it’s most recent renovation might prove it’s permeance in closets worldwide.

How the Hobo Bag Got Its Name

The term “hobo” was used as a name for migrant workers in the united states, especially during the time of the Great Depression. The original “hobo bag” was a sack tied to the end of the dowel, which made it easy to carry around belongings during cross-country travels. The hobo bag we know today pays homage to this style as it’s slouchy, with a strap that usually goes around the shoulder.

Its place in Fashion

The hobo bag is revered in the fashion world for its functionality and simplicity. Its longevity throughout trends proves the design is simply useful. The name itself speaks to its roots of ease in mobility, making them great for the dedicated businesswomen on the go.

The Hobo Bag Resurgence

The hobo bag today is a staple in both modern sleek and busy bohemian fashions. Its simple design allows for showcasing fabrics, textures, and colors through its loose “slouchy” structure.

How to Style a Hobo Bag

Hobo bags come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose a bag that accentuates the colors and patterns of an outfit and sling in on a shoulder for a polished and contemporary look. If attempting to achieve that edgy street style look, opt for holding a hobo bag with a shorter strap in hand paired with a long coat, pair of sunglasses, and chunky jewelry.

The Dragonfly and Co. Hobo Bags

Dragonfly and Co. offers hobo bags with both 24-inch straps and 29-inch straps to achieve different looks. Both come in a variety of earthy neutrals and jewel tones to fit within any type of women’s wardrobe. The One Pocket Hobo Bags feature an additional external pocket in complementary patterns and colors, while the original hobo handbags feature a pop of color in their lining and straps and a metallic O-ring. Both types of bags have adequate room for all the daily essentials and a magnet clasp that keep those belongings secure and safe.


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What Does Every Wine Drinker Need? A Beautifully Designed Wine Bag from Dragonfly and Co. 


 It’s time to say goodbye to wasteful plastic bags and begin a decade with fashionable and eco-conscious alternatives in mind. That is why Dragonfly and Co. has created a line of durable, leather wine bags that not only lessens the use of plastic grocery bags but brings beauty to the love of Merlot and Pinot Noir as well. These bags make incredible gifts for wine-loving family and friends, while providing years of use.

Unique and Fashionable with Purpose

The collection of wine bags ranges from earthy neutrals to vibrant colors that best cater to the vibrant array of personal styles. Each bag is 13.5 inches tall and 12.5 inches around, making it easy to care for most average bottles of wine. The bottom is made with water repellent pack cloth to provide the best durability. Protect and carry bottles of wine in style and ease with the 13-inch strap, hand-sewn, and well placed for comfort and strength.

Each Wine Bag is Handmade with Quality Materials

What makes Dragonfly and Co.’s collection of wine bags so special? Each bag is handcrafted with fine leather and incorporates unique details such as beaded cinch straps and patterned linings. The outside is created with natural leather, and the inside lining is 100% cotton. All wine bags are designed by the designer, Loretta Gradek herself, reflecting her personal taste in earthy, vibrant fashion. Each design is a work of art, with its own unique details making not just a useful object but a unique and special treasure.

Make an Environmentally-Conscious Statement

Bring beauty into the world instead of waste. These wine bags are made to last for years, eliminating the need for wasteful plastic shopping bags that are normally used to carry wine. These earthy designs are reflective of the great world they represent and aim to protect. Choosing handmade local fashion using sustainable materials rather than industrialized products that produce large amounts of waste will preserve the earth, all while looking great.

Incorporating a Love for Design and Fine Wine

The design of this bag pairs well with a bohemian weekend out-with-the-girls look, or a sleek cocktail dress, and maybe even a bit of Bree cheese. Like a favorite wine, its statement and look are timeless, adding a touch of elegance into a weekly shopping routine. The collection has an assortment of colors and patterns to choose from, from quirky and colorful purples to subdued and neutral browns. The details of the stitching to the leather and beads in the cinch strap are delicious as the most sip-worthy wine.


A Practical and Memorable Gift

Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or a “just because” occasion, these bags make a memorable gift for wine enthusiasts and fashionistas alike.  For someone that goes rosé all the way, a Dragonfly and Co. wine bag will make a great accompaniment from the trip to the market to a swanky holiday party.

When looking for a gift for an eco-savvy friend, look no further than the collection of wine bags available through Dragonfly and Co. They make the perfect gift for not only the person who has everything but the person who wants to minimize their waste.

A Part of the Dragonfly and Co. Collection

These wine bags, like their family member handbags within the Dragonfly and Co. Collection, are designed and hand made by Loretta Grodek. Loretta is inspired by the world around her and incorporates nature within all her works. She hopes each piece will be a reminder of the wonders of the world we live in. Her goal is to leave the world a better place in which she came. Therefore, she creates durable handmade handbags and accessories to counteract the world of fast fashion.

 Express yourself in a sustainable and earth-friendly way by purchasing local and handmade. Check out the beautiful colors and styles of wine bags available on the Dragonfly and Co. shop.


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