Acacia Earrings 8003

$39.95 $39.95

  • 3 inches
  • Assorted metallic leathers
  • Dome rivets
  • Leather backed

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Want a fashion accessory that complements the sparkle in your eyes? Look no further with the Acacia earrings! These glittery statement earrings are just what you need for your next night out.

The Acacia earrings are designed to make any evening outfit stand out. As part of the Acacia collection, we created these earrings for women who aren’t afraid to unleash their wild side and just dance the night away. Despite embodying a fun and daring attitude, the Acacia earrings also convey a sense of poise and ease.

You get artisanal quality with the Acacia earrings as evidenced by the use of premium leather and hardware. This handmade fashion accessory also features assorted metallic leathers that are uniquely arranged as well as copper dome rivets that further elevate the earrings’ metallic sheen.

You’ll never go wrong with the Acacia earrings. Just add it to any outfit, and you’re instantly dressed to impress! So, whether you’re going to happy hour or a dance party, you’re sure to grab everyone’s attention with these statement earrings.

Do you want to add even more sass and flair to your evening outfits? Consider pairing these statement earrings with our edgy but elegant Acacia shoulder bag for a complete look.


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