Black Tassel Earrings 1500

$37.95 $37.95

  • 5.5 inches long
  • Gunmetal rings
  • Copper cap

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No bohemian outfit will be complete without the fringe. Let your gypsy spirit run free and complete your look with these black tassel earrings. This is for the risk-takers out there who want to push the boundaries of their boho style.

The neutrals and light colors have always remained a favorite, but if you want to be fashionably different, let these tassel earrings walk the talk for you. The black leather is lightweight, and it screams edginess and boldness. This is the longest tassel earrings in the collection at 5.5 inches long, but it will never wear your ears down. Also, the color of the gunmetal rings and copper cap perfectly complements the black leather.

What makes these black tassel earrings extra special is its versatility. On days when you want to dress down, they’ll still look great with plain tops, shirts, and denim bottoms. They’re great to wear any time of the day and in any season of the year, making them a valuable piece of accessory you just have to own. Wearing these earrings will give you an instant confidence boost, and it’s simply because you know you look great with it!

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