Pamela Wine Bag

$84.95 $84.95

  • Outside leather
  • 100% cotton inside
  • Water repellent pack cloth bottom
  • 13.5 inches tall
  • 12.5 inches round
  • 13-inch strap


The next time you’re bringing wine to a dinner party, why not deliver it in style? That’s easily accomplished with the Pamela wine Bag.

Just like the other bags in the Pamela collection, this wine bag is crafted using 100% real leather. The leather exterior has a buttery finish that’s soft to touch as well as a bright teal color that will surely stand out.

Apart from being a stylish accessory, this wine bag fulfills its function well. The interior features high-quality cotton lining to protect the wine bottle. Meanwhile, the bottom features water-repellent cloth, so it’s easy to clean in case of accidental spills. It also has a sturdy carry handle so that you’re able to bring the wine bottle with ease wherever you may be going.

The Pamela wine bag is designed to fit most types of wine bottles. There’s also a cord and cord stopper to ensure that the wine bottle is snug inside the bag. At the end of the cord are alluring crystal beads that add more flair to the already stylish Pamela wine bag. This is for all the pragmatic woman who likes her wine in style.

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