Pamela Earrings 1000

$39.95 $39.95

  • 3.75 inches long
  • Dome rivets
  •  Leather backed
  • Edge finished
  • Hanging bead


Classic but edgy, just like what you want to be. Elegant, timeless, and beautiful, these leather-backed earrings are designed to match your personality. Each piece is created to show that you mean business and look amazing while at it. Made from the same leather used in the Pamela collection, these earrings will give you the same sophisticated look that the classic bags are known for. Add these to your outfit, and you will impress everyone at work with your style.

These Pamela earrings are perfect for women who prefer wearing classic but fashion-forward accessories. They come with dome rivets that look perfect with the circle and crescent-shaped leather pieces linked with durable hardware. They also feature a single hanging bead to add a softer touch. You can wear them with your smart business suit or smart casual for out-of-the-office-meetings.

Each piece is crafted using lightweight materials. You won’t even notice that you are wearing them all day. These will help you look and feel great every time you go to the office or any business meeting because you deserve to be empowered!

Match this pair of earrings with Dragonfly & Co.’s Pamela Crossbody Bag. This duo from the same collection will make you look more fashionable at work!  


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